Fifteen years ago and thanks to a mutual friend, the founders of The House Project, Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene Rodriguez Miranda had the first contact with the Green House home located in Hyderabad, a city in south-central India with more than ten million inhabitants. Since then, the link with this country has been strengthened through a genuine commitment to its needs, expanding to other cities and regions of India. Currently, at Green House we serve children and young people, located in the city of Hyderabad, in the city of Agra and in the state of Nagaland.

In our home in Hyderabad live children and young people who have access to formal education in their country, both school and university, have their tuition, uniforms, school supplies and books, meals and snacks covered; they have access to Internet, drinking water and electricity, have school transportation and enjoy extracurricular educational and recreational activities.
Also in Hyderabad, we serve widows and people with leprosy who live in isolation in leprosy quarters, joining efforts during medical days, providing them with food and medical supplies and carrying out various activities to improve their quality of life.
Slum Village of Hope
Very close to the Hyderabad home is the Slum Village of Hope, where families from the community receive food aid and participate in various events and activities. Our goal is to raise sufficient resources to ensure the education of all children belonging to these families.
Our Potter Clay Home is located in Nagaland State, where we house children and young people, most of whom have been rescued from opium plantations, where they were deprived of their freedom and forced to work in exploitative conditions and without the right to education. Currently, they are all in school and live in a safe place with drinking water, electricity and Internet access; we guarantee their food, school supplies and uniforms, sports practice and English language instruction.
Also in Nagaland, we serve children and young people from the Villa Ura Colony, located in the district of Dimapur, with student tutoring and provision of school supplies, daily snacks, classes and various training activities for members of the community.
But for us the most important thing is that these children feel that they have a home, they live with joy and dream of being themselves, of being able to study at university or dedicate themselves to what they are really passionate about. And they also dream of a future in which they can start their own family.
In this city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, we are serving children and youth with a program of tutoring, daily snacks, classes and activities for the entire community.
We build a present that improves their quality of life, providing the tools they need to shape their future.

Your help will make it possible for these children
to build the future they have always dreamed of.

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