A little bit

of history

It's time to tell you a little more, we want to herd with you and see our family grow, our dream is to continue touching hearts. Through service, we have found true happiness and we want all those who wish to join The House Project to experience, together with us, the happiness of giving.

La Ventana de los Cielos
In the early 2000s, Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene Rodriguez Miranda began a work that has not stopped until today. With the first house, located in Florida, USA, and the accompaniment of their children Ricky, Mauricio, and Evaluna, the foundation La Ventana de Los Cielos opened its doors to accommodate children and young people with special needs, who found in a privileged house, equipped with the appropriate facilities, a variety of pets and ornamental and fruit trees, the ideal space for their therapies in contact with nature.
The support of volunteers, therapists, specialists in equine therapy, zoo interaction, aqua therapy, and of various institutions and voluntary contributions was crucial for society to have a more inclusive vision of people with special abilities. For hundreds of children and young people from South Florida, it was possible to enhance their physical and intellectual development, and for many years, entire families had a meeting place where joy and love for others reigned.



In 2020 The House Project was born, a foundation that started with no name or flag but destined to belong to everyone.

Traveling through the most vulnerable corners of the world, we began to discover new houses, new cities that became part of our lives. Children, youth and adults became part of our herd.

The help transcended borders, broke fears, made us brave. We met new opportunities and built new paths.

Each one of our houses is family, unity, containment and help. Each of our houses is our home.