Emergencies require thousands of hearts to act as fast as their heartbeat.

Food, health and support are found by extending your hand.

In response to the food emergency in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, Red House has a soup kitchen where basic food services are provided to people in vulnerable situations, including children, young people, the elderly, and the unemployed or homeless. In addition to obtaining the necessary food, the place is a meeting and socializing space for this low-income community.
Venezuela is among the 25 countries at risk of food insecurity intensification due to the ongoing economic downturn and COVID-19 socio-economic impact. The result of hyperinflation and prolonged instability of the local currency has led to a partial dollarization of the economy, driving disparities between those who have access to U.S. dollars and the majority of the population who do not have access to the currency.
The Alta Guajira, in the extreme northeast of Colombia, finds its population facing a problem of inequality and severe shortages of food and medical supplies, basic goods and services such as drinking water and electricity. At this moment, Red House's mission is to attend to the emergency in which the children are in a semi-internship situation under the custody of a teacher and some relatives.

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