Food and education for those who need it most
Our service in the refugee camps in Jordan began in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, overcoming multiple difficulties we managed to enter some of these temporary settlements where live together thousands of families who have fled their countries or regions of origin due to armed conflicts, economic and/or political interests, and generalized violence, where living conditions are extreme due to the difficulties in meeting their basic needs for food, clothing, hygiene, education and other services.
At Tea House, we have been able to reach out with our food aid, clothing and other supplies to several of the refugee camps located around Mafraq, a city near the Syrian border, where two thirds of its 300,000 inhabitants are refugees. The situation in these places is far from finding a lasting solution and all refugee programs in the country are affected by insufficient financial and human resources.
Although some international organizations have made efforts to facilitate access to education for refugee children and youth living in these camps, most of them do not attend the schools intended for them due to the established regulations, in many of these places access to education is not allowed.

At Tea House, we are working on this so that as many refugee children and youth as possible can access education in Jordan.

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