moves us?

We are moved that every day, thousands of children, youth and adults around the world face extreme poverty and lose their right to live in dignity.

We are moved by the inequality that keeps the poor from accessing basic goods and services: the lack of food, medicine and medical care, personal hygiene and decent housing where they can see their families grow, where they can build their future. The lack of drinking water, electricity, access to the Internet or study tools prevents them from guaranteeing their subsistence, their stability and being able to fulfill their dreams.

We are moved by the sight of children dying of hunger, by malnutrition figures that freeze the soul and by places where a drop of water becomes an unreachable paradise, where the roof is nothing more than a mantle of stars and the possibilities of dreaming of a shelter that will protect them and allow them to believe in themselves seem remote.

At The House Project we dream of a better world. We say no to inequality, no to lack of food, health or education. We work to provide freedom, growth and future.

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It is impossible to give what one does not have, the measure of love for one's neighbor is love for oneself, only from that self-love is it possible to grant love to others.


No one does it alone. To be in life is to discover that we are all a family, a herd, it is to find that we are united to God. Compassion is born from the feeling that we are brothers, that we are one, and it is this unity that sets us in motion. True solidarity is only born of certainty, the certainty of knowing that we are all equal.


The best service we can give to others is to help them believe in themselves. The first step to helping others to believe in themselves is to believe in ourselves, we can’t witness anything other than what we are.

Focused on the need:

We focus on needs and go straight to the core, from our heart we go to the heart of others, and without prejudice, we touch the bottom because that is where we can all meet.

Free listening:

Always listen first, without judgment, demands, or personal pretensions about others so that our service to others succeeds in articulating tangible solutions that bring value to the various real needs. Our homes are free spaces that encourage dialogue; by listening freely to our fellow human beings we can be ourselves and truly help others.


True joy is not tied to the future but in permanent communion with the moment in which it is lived. The joy of our homes is alien to any other time than the present that we enjoy being in them. True joy is a source of light.

The world

we dream of

The world we dream of transcends our gaze, it is full of houses where dignity dwells. They are home to people who continually create a better world.

We dream of people, of families that dwell joyfully in life. Because to be in life is to be with others, it is to be with God.

We believe that a home is not just a physical place, where walls contain and collect human warmth. We believe that each of us can be a home for many. And wherever we go, if we put our hearts first, a home can be built in moments.

Only when we see our heart are we able to go to the heart of others. To listen first and then focus on their real needs, to serve them and for them to aspire to be who they are.

At the bottom of our hearts, we are equal and we all have a place in the house of love.

Why do we serve and how

do we fulfill our purpose?

At The House Project, we have a clear purpose: to help people in the communities we serve believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.

This home is full of homes, our mission is that wherever we go and wherever we are, we fit the need of the other in our souls. Because there will always be more room in our hearts. And this is our way of doing it:


We seek to contribute to the nutrition of thousands of children, youth and adults in each of our homes.


We provide supplies, tools and spaces to provide medical care to those who need it.


We build decent housing so that families can have shelter, stability and a sense of belonging.

Drinking Water

A basic but unmet need for many people. We contribute to avoid dehydration and lack of hygiene with the supply of this resource.


Teachers and professors join our herd to pass on knowledge, training and skills for the future.


We provide Internet access and new portable technologies to expand the frontiers and possibilities of each student.