The House Project in India

In 2023, The House Project Foundation supports 120 children and youth with food, education, and shelter. Our commitment includes their tuition, uniforms, school supplies, books, meals, and snacks, as well as access to safe and comfortable shelter with electricity and internet access.

Our programs have a presence in:

  • Hyderabad: In Hyderabad, we support children and young people with access to formal education, meals, and snacks. We also serve widows and people with leprosy who live in isolation in leprosy quarters.

  • Nagaland: Our Potter Clay Home in Nagaland State houses children and young people, most of whom have been rescued from opium plantations. They now live in a safe place with access to education and basic necessities.

  • Urra: In the district of Dim, we provide student tutoring, school supplies, daily snacks, and training activities to children and young people from the Villa Urra Colony.

  • Agra: Our program in Agra focuses on tutoring, daily snacks, and classes for children and youth in the community.
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