The House Project in Jordan

At our Tea House, a project of The House Project in Jordan, we support Syrian refugees, who live in extremely precarious conditions and are often not counted in official refugee statistics. They fled their homes amidst bombings, leaving behind everything they knew, their jobs, families and friends. They have seen their loved ones die and face a devastating reality without basic services such as water, electricity, gas and, in many cases, without a roof over their heads. Their daily suffering includes lack of food, water, safe housing, education for their children and health coverage.

Every year, we organize a support day that we call “Impact Journey” in an area near Amman once a year. Here we provide food, water, gas vouchers for heating, educational spaces for the children, playgrounds that encourage their development, and personal care and wellness days for the women. We also support a few medical journeys throughout the year to attend to their most urgent health needs.

Our accompaniment not only provides material support, but also offers a real and symbolic embrace, reminding them that they are not alone and that there are people in the world who think about them and contribute to their well-being.

At The House Project, we believe that every action counts and that together we can shine a light on those who are invisible. We continue to work to provide tangible relief and to inspire others to join our cause. 

Every heart can be a home