Blankets for refugees


Stay warm and make a difference in the lives of refugees with our Blankets for Refugees donation product. Your $15 will provide one of the 175 people we support in TeaHouse Jordan with a cozy blanket to help them through the harsh weather conditions they face daily.

Living in refugee camps is a daily struggle for survival, especially for children. The lack of basic necessities like electricity, proper shelter, and sanitation only adds to the difficulty of their lives. They often feel a sense of displacement and a lack of support from the community.

At The House Project, we reach out to refugees who are not in massive camps and have daily basic needs. We provide them with nutrition, family support, (including blankets and heating vouchers), activities for women, and school supplies. We believe that emotional support is just as important as material support, so we provide a space for conversation and play to make their lives a little easier. Join us in supporting refugees and making a difference today!