The Herd

Growing stronger together: Uniting for noble causes as a herd

Marlene Rodríguez Miranda, Ricardo Montaner, and their children share their family life and their multiple professional commitments with a life of service, dedication, and devotion, whose reward is the immense happiness it brings them and which currently extends to several countries: Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Colombia, India, and Jordan.

An unstoppable work that needs to continue adding hearts, because caring for the neediest people requires commitment, resources and, above all, the support and generosity of wonderful people.

It is time to build community with those who feel the same need to help, with those who want to be part of this great herd called 
The House Project.

Ricardo Montaner

He is one of the most recognized singer-songwriters in the Spanish-speaking world. No matter how big or arduous the stage or the challenge, Montaner always does it with the same attitude of gratitude: first to God, the author and giver of his life, and second, to an audience that has followed him for more than three decades. Millions of people around the world admire him, not only as a performer but also for his human qualities, his generosity, and the loving family life and dedication to service that has always characterized him.

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Marlene Rodríguez Miranda

Filmmaker and author, an artist who creates exclusively what the Creator of the universe puts in her heart. Mom, wife, friend, and imaginer. Married to her eternal love and a professional listener, she knows how to listen and knows how to write stories to which she always brings to life. She has always danced with grace and comfort through motherhood, making the best of her children; and in every piece of art she produces or directs, and in any of the formats she works in, she leaves her essence and what God has made of her.

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Mauricio Montaner

Musician, drummer, composer, and voice of the urban music duo Mau & Ricky. Married to Sara Escobar, and father of their first child, Apolo. While numerous musical hits have taken this duo of brothers to gold, platinum, and diamonds, Mau's heart particularly shines for his generosity to his affections, to the elderly, and to nature and the environment. He has the gift of free, attentive, loving, and non-judgmental listening.

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Sara Escobar

Model, graphic designer, social media influencer, and Instagram personality, best known for her lifestyle, design, and travel content. Create, produce and form are words that define her and in her creative processes, wanting to do things prevails more than knowing how to do them. Married to Mauricio Montaner and mother of Apolo, her first child with the singer.

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Ricky Montaner

Musician, guitarist, composer, and voice of the urban music duo Mau & Ricky. With each of their songs they leave a particular mark on the public that follows them throughout America and Europe; some fall in love, others dance or reflect, but to all of them reach the heart with their compositions and an unmistakable sound that does not admit comparisons with other artists of the genre. He is the eldest son of Marlene and Ricardo, unconditional brother, uncle, and husband of Stefi Roitman. His dog's name is Mao, and those who know Ricky well know that his greatest quality is to reach out to those in need.

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Stefanía Roitman

Actress, model, and presenter. She has a degree in Business Economics from Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires. She has the attribute of laughter, where she is there is always joy and good humor. She is a genuine entrepreneur with a great ability to manage and execute her dreams. Her talent is to identify, in advance, which is the ground wire needed to make them come true. Married to Ricky Montaner.

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Evaluna Montaner

Singer, actress, model, dancer, and film director. Evaluna debuted as an actress at the age of 4 and since then she has not stopped working as an actress and singer. In soap operas, series, and tours, she has not resisted any of these facets as an artist, and in all of them she has excelled; she even hosted a program in Colombia during her adolescence. During that stage, she met singer Camilo Echeverry, with whom she married in February 2020, and in April 2022 Indigo was born, her first daughter with the singer. A new facet for Evaluna, the most beautiful and loving of all. Because loving is also her revolution.

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Camilo Echeverry

Singer-songwriter and musician, Camilo describes himself as an honest singer who uses love as the motif of his songs. The lyrics of his compositions are messages of joy and hope, attitude, and good humor that he always makes evident in his social networks. "To love is our revolution" is the phrase that accompanies him in his multitudinous musical tours around the world. In 2022, Indigo was born, the first daughter of his marriage to Evaluna Montaner.

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Andrea Rodríguez López

Graduated in Business Administration with a major in management and international business from Fordham University in New York, USA; later, in the State of Florida, she pursued master's degrees in Marketing and General Psychology to become, at present, an outstanding professional whose career has encompassed different business roles in the companies where she has worked: wholesale and retail sales, marketing, brand positioning, logistics, and promotional events. When faced with a decision, a new challenge, or a new culture, the important thing for Andrea is to get to know the different perspectives first, approaching them with respect and listening to the different points of view until she has a broad understanding of things. This makes her very assertive when it comes to planning. Married to Cristobal Brito and expecting their first child, Seastian.

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Cristobal Brito

Trained at Berklee College of Music, Cristobal is a senior music business executive who believes that music is not only to be Iistened to but to be experienced. He has an extensive career in music publishing and A&R (artists and repertoire) in recognized organizations, as well as several awards, thanks to the excellent management of producers and composers. He also has formal studies in Theology and world religions, and the most important thing is family for him. When one of his loved ones needs something, he is the first to go; Cristobal is an active and present giver. Cristobal is the proud father of Sebastián, his first son with his wife Andrea Rodríguez.

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Directores at heart

We have a herd of committed leaders who can connect with the hearts of others so that, along with us, they can see, implement and experience the specific impact that the generosity of our donors has on the needs of the people we serve.

Carolina Plata Vidales

Extensive experience in Colombia and Latin America in Communications and Public Affairs, developing integrated communications strategies that have included: media relations, marketing communications, digital content and strategies, branding and corporate identity, advertising strategies, crisis management and corporate reputation management. Also experience advising senior management on strategic communications and representing corporations in committees and special meetings. Teamwork and management of agencies and staff, based on diverse and individual competencies and talents.

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Marta Rodríguez Miranda

Venezuelan journalist. She is currently the General Director of FM Center, the largest private radio station in Venezuela, and president of its foundation. Her links with the community and social projects began in the 80s. For ten years she was General Manager of the Venevision Cultural Foundation, leading multiple initiatives among which stood out, due to its special impact on the population, the institutional campaign "How easy it is to be a good citizen", with which she obtained important governmental recognitions and the general appreciation of the public. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Senos Ayuda Civil Association, which provides support and guidance in the prevention and early detection of breast cancer, and is president of the FM Center Foundation, which supports the training of technicians and profession's in the Venezuelan broadcasting industry.

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Gabriel Roitman

Gabriel, or Gaby to his friends, is a real crow, a fanatic fan of San Lorenzo and a chess lover, a sport that has conquered him and which has become his passion, besides apple pie, in second place. With a prodigious memory, he can give the oldest and most improbable data. Whoever had or has the opportunity to meet him will surely keep for himself an anecdote and a warm conversation. He was a great journalist; he worked for a few years, but he managed to stand out in interviews with parents and students in his institutional work. He led as a teacher, institutional conductor, recreation teacher, chess teacher, being a magnet for all children. He carries humor and love as a flag. His gift for people brings him close to every person he comes across in life. Kind-hearted. A great dad to everyone, defender and protector of the people around him. Collaborative and supportive, funny, restless and loyal. Thousands of miles traveled, accompanying his loved ones or people in need. Team builder, both in tennis and soccer, as well as in work delegations. Great friend of his friends. He likes knowledge, learning and classical music. Married to Vali and father of Stef and Chanu.

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Ed Beccle

Ed Beccle is a genuine entrepreneur per excellence, co-founder of Glorify, Hintsa Performance and GraspHR. He has raised over $100 million from the world's leading venture capital firms, such as Al6z and SoftBank, and from Fortune 500 CEOs known for their large investments and world-famous celebrities. At just 22 years old, he has created more than $500 million in value for his businesses and more than 20 million people use his technology worldwide. He is a recent recipient of the Thiel Fellowship for Entrepreneurship. He is currently co-CEO of Glorify.

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Iván Ruíz

Prominent Dominican producer and communicator with 37 years of experience in the world of arts and entertainment. Director of RTVD, a platform that has made education and creativity protagonists. CEO of Neuronas Creativas, a leading advertising agency in strategies and audiovisual resources, with a portfolio of outstanding clients and memorable campaigns. Creator of the successful concept of "La Telerealidad" in Dominican Television, humanizing the iconic "Show del Mediodía" and creating a bridge of solidarity. He has given important development and projection opportunities to talents from all over the country. Since 2015, through his project "Énfasis", he shows the human side of great personalities and explores unknown aspects of his guests through daring interviews.

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What moves us?

We are moved that every day, thousands of children, youth and adults around the world face extreme poverty and lose their right to live in dignity.

We are moved by the inequality that keeps the poor from accessing basic goods and services: the lack of food, medicine and medical care, personal hygiene and decent housing where they can see their families grow, where they can build their future. The lack of drinking water, electricity, access to the Internet or study tools prevents them from guaranteeing their subsistence, their stability and being able to fulfill their dreams.

We are moved by the sight of children dying of hunger, by malnutrition figures that freeze the soul and by places where a drop of water becomes an unreachable paradise, where the roof is nothing more than a mantle of stars and the possibilities of dreaming of a shelter that will protect them and allow them to believe in themselves seem remote.

At The House Project we dream of a better world. We say no to inequality, no to lack of food, health or education. We work to provide freedom, growth and future.

With your help, our herd can be bigger. Join today.

Every heart can be a home