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At The House Project, we believe that every heart can be a home. With your support, we can make this a reality for families in need. By becoming a donor, you can help us build strong foundations on life quality for vulnerable people around the world. 

  • Education
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Health
  • Environmental protection
  • Circular economy
  • Animal care
  • And more

We offer a variety of donation options to suit your preferences. You can donate any amount, either as a one-time donation or as a recurring pledge. By becoming a monthly donor, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of families in need.

As a donor, you'll be part of a community that cares. You'll receive updates on our projects, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're making a real difference in the world.


  • Be part of a community that cares about making a difference
  • Receive updates on our projects and the impact of your donation
  • Feel the satisfaction of knowing you're making a real difference in the world

Join us today and help us make every heart a home.